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Tree Service

While your landscape maintenance vendor can handle many of the small ornamental trees that grow on your property, some tree jobs are better left to the professionals. Prestige Pro offers a top-quality tree service for your business, home and community. Our licensed, insured service guarantees that the job will be done safely, agriculturally correct and in the best interest of your property. Our quality tree service includes:

  • Tree Pruning: Like most plant material, trees need to be pruned for aesthetic and plant health purposes. Additionally, it is important to keep tree limbs away from structures and clear of pedestrian areas. Another important reason to keep your trees pruned and healthy is the severe weather that we experience in the Central Florida area. Keeping your large trees properly pruned will minimize damage caused by high winds protecting the tree and your property.

  • Tree Removal: While trees are an important part of any landscape, there are a variety of reasons that they need to be removed. In some cases, they have died or rotted to the point where they are no longer growing and thriving. In others, the trees may be a nuisance or a danger to the property due to their size or location. Our experts will be able to assess these issues and provide you with the advice and service you need

  • Stump Grinding: Once that tree has been removed, the stump has to go! Our service will grind that stump below the surface and allow you to reclaim that spot for new turf or landscape installation

  • Moss Removal: Oak trees are one of the most prevalent tree types in Central Florida. These trees are susceptible to a variety of moss species that hang from the trees diminishing their health and appearance. We offer multiple solutions to accommodate a variety of budgets to suit your needs. Call us today for more information

As a full-service vendor, Prestige Pro Lawn Services can take any tree work that you may need. No job is too big or too small so call us today to see how Prestige Pro can help you!

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