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Pest & Fertilization

Pest & Fertilization

Professional pest, fungus and fertilization service is a state-regulated service that requires specific training, tenure and strict licensing requirements. As a result, many businesses, HOA communities and individuals hire a company that specializes in this type of field. While this process is typical, it is not preferable. Hiring a separate landscape maintenance and pest/fertilization vendor results in the loss of the big-picture planning that your landscape needs. Each specific vendor is focusing on its service with little concern about how it affects the other. As a result, problems that require joint vendor solutions are neglected and finger-pointing between vendors often occurs.

Here at Prestige Pro, we are ready to tackle these complicated problems and provide your home, community and business the complete solution that your landscape needs. Thru a strategic partnership with A-Pest Exterminator, Prestige Pro now offers state certified-pest and fertilization services with all of our full-service programs. Our process goes beyond the spray-and-go services offered by many companies. Typically, a pest & fertilization company will only visit your property once every 2 months. At Prestige Pro, Our maintenance crews who spend the most time on your property are trained to identify pest, fungus and fertilization issue during each service. They work closely with A-Pest Exterminator as a cohesive team that minimizes the potential damage to your plant material and turf grass in between pest and fertilization services. In turn, A-Pest Exterminator works closely with our irrigation and maintenance departments to ensure that our complete full-service package is being performed in the best interest of your property.

As part of our full-service offering, a comprehensive pest and fertilization service will give your landscape the best chance at success. We closely monitor crabgrass growth, pay special attention to fungus control, test & balance your PH levels and provide top quality granular fertilization for your turf and plant material. Our experts are trained and ready to handle any issue that your turf or plant material may have. Contact Prestige Pro today to see how we can help you!

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