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Residential Maintenance

Residential Maintenance

It’s hot. You’re busy. We understand. Trusting Prestige Pro with your residential landscape maintenance will save you the precious time you are searching for…time that you can spend with family, friends or just a good movie on the couch. But trusting Prestige Pro with your residential landscape maintenance is more than just saving time, it’s promoting a level of quality and attention to detail that only Prestige Pro can offer. Our clean, uniformed and specially trained crews will service your property with high-end commercial equipment that ensures a professional look with each service. In addition, our residential landscape maintenance is performed in an agriculturally correct manner. This promotes the overall health and development of your residential landscape which improves its appearance and reduces replacement cost of weak or damaged plant material.

Residential Maintenance

Prestige Pro is a full-service residential landscape maintenance vendor that allows you to get all of the services you need from one place. This can offer tremendous advantages over hiring multiple vendors to perform these residential landscape maintenance services separately. Our crews are cross-trained to identify issues with maintenance, irrigation, pest control and fertilization. This collaboration between departments eliminates the finger-pointing that frequently occurs between vendors and gives your residential landscape the best chance at success.

  • RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE: Prestige Pro offers varying levels of service based on your needs and budgets. We have a program that suits all properties and will work to accommodate all budget concerns.

    • Base Residential Landscape Maintenance: This service takes care of the basics. We will mow all turf areas, string trim around all obstacles and will edge all plant beds, concrete, pavers, and roadways. When we are done, we will blow off all areas to ensure that your landscape looks clean and manicured.

    • Expanded Residential Landscape Maintenance: This level performs all services listed in the “Base Residential Landscape Maintenance” program listed above and will also include plant bed and hedge services. We will keep your plant beds free of weeds and will trim all hedges and ornamental plants in an agriculturally correct manner.

    • Residential Maintenance Full-Service Residential Landscape Maintenance: This is the level of service that we recommend to all clients. This level provides you with all the maintenance services listed above along with recurring irrigation inspections and professional pest & fertilization for all turf and plant material. This will keep your residential landscape in tip-top shape year-round.

  • RESIDENTIAL IRRIGATION: Proper irrigation is critical for the long term health of your turf and plant material. Our landscape maintenance crews are trained to identify possible irrigation issues and will relay this information to our residential irrigation department. A residential irrigation specialist can meet with you to discuss the effectiveness of your system and recommend improvements that will improve your coverage will possibly even lowering your overall water usage. Our residential irrigation specialist can make repairs and can even make the necessary changes to your system to accommodate new beds or plant areas.

  • RESIDENTIAL PEST & FERTILIZATION: There are a number of companies that offer this service exclusively, but they cannot compare with the complete residential landscape maintenance program offered by Prestige Pro. We provide the same professional pest and fertilization program in an agriculturally correct manner. When done in partnership with our residential landscape maintenance and irrigation programs, you will get the complete landscape management you need without the back and forth finger-pointing between separate vendors.

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