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Landscape Features

Landscape Features

Are you looking for that extra something to set your landscape apart? Our skilled staff can turn your dream into reality. Utilizing a number of materials including stacked stone, pavers or wood, we can create a landscape feature that will become the focal point of your design. Landscape features are intended to draw your attention and it is important to use quality materials and good workmanship. The Pro’s at Prestige have the drive and dedication to treat each property as if it was their own. You can be sure that we do not cut corners and there is quality craftsmanship in everything we do. Which one of these suggestions would look great in your yard?

  • Arbors and trellises - Arbors and trellises are a great way to provide character to your property and to showcase certain types of plants. These structures will need to be durable to withstand the weather, the plant material and the constant moisture that comes with the territory. For this reason, they should be building strong and with materials that will last. This will ensure that your arbor or trellis will last for years to come.

  • Stone walls and pillars - Walls and pillars are a great way to provide separation and depth to your landscape. Frequently, these landscape features are built with pavers and it is important that the structure is built correctly. There are many ways to make these features truly remarkable including custom designs, attractive pavers or (our favorite) stacked stone.

  • Elevated Plant Beds - Elevated plant beds are a great way to add elevation and depth to a landscape. It can also be an effective tool to mask certain unsightly items on your property that you don’t want to be seen. At Prestige Pro, we not only have the expertise to take care of the plants, but we can build a structure that will last.

  • Ponds and water features - Our ponds and water features are built from scratch and can include a fountain feature or waterfall (or both!) which can create soothing sounds to calm even the most stressful days. Our waterfalls are typically built with stacked stone and can add the quality touch to your landscape that makes it feel like a vacation every day. In addition, we take care of the little things that will make your water feature easy to maintain and carefree to operate. Our ponds are fully functional and include a filtration system that will keep the water clean and clear. With the proper chemicals, it can even be used as Koi pond or other fish varieties. We can even offer options such as remote functionality and timed operation. It can truly be a hands-free feature!

  • Fire Pits - Have you ever wanted a custom fire pit? Who doesn’t?! Don’t wait any longer...Prestige Pro can build you the fire pit that will bring your friends and family together on those cool central Florida nights.

Do you have any other ideas? Prestige Pro can help you with that! Contact us today to see how we can help put that finishing touch on your outdoor project.

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