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HOA Common Area Maintenance

HOA Common Area Maintenance

Prestige Pro specializes in HOA landscape management. This is a specialty we take very seriously. HOA landscape committees are faced with the difficult task of selecting a landscape vendor who can get the job done AND do it within the limited budgets HOA communities often face. With the recent explosion of foreclosures, HOA communities are finding their already tight budgets further shrinking because of increased past-due HOA dues from residents. Too often, this reality results in choosing price over quality and unqualified landscape vendors are selected. At Prestige Pro, we have made it our mission to reverse this trend. Utilizing highly trained employees and full landscape service offerings, we are bringing the quality back to HOA landscape maintenance. We offer our HOA service at a price that will meet or beat your existing vendor. We will provide your HOA community with uniformed employees operating high-quality equipment who are cross-trained to identify issues with irrigation, pest control and fertilization. If you choose to take advantage of these full-service offerings, we can dispatch the right people to take care of the problems before they result in costly relandscaping. This allows your HOA community to spend its limited budgets on improvements rather than repairs. We can structure your HOA landscape maintenance program to offer as little or as much as your community needs:

HOA Common Area Maintenance
  • HOA Landscape Maintenance - Our HOA landscape maintenance crews will take care of mowing the turf areas, trimming hedges, edging plant beds and concrete areas, maintaining tree rings, cleaning debris and any other service your HOA landscape may need

  • HOA Irrigation Inspections and repair - Often, irrigation systems are neglected resulting in issues that can cause the loss of turf areas and plant material. This results in unnecessary replacement costs which can stretch an already thin HOA landscape budget. Our HOA Irrigation program starts with a complete irrigation HOA Inspection Report which reviews the functionality of the system along with a visual inspection of each and every sprinkler. The program also includes monthly inspections to identify on-going issues. Our HOA irrigation specialists are trained to identify and repair all irrigation issues no matter how big or small.

  • HOA Common Area Maintenance HOA Pest & Fertilization Service - Pest and Fertilization service is critical for the long term health and development of your HOA landscape. Often, HOA management boards will hire separate maintenance and pest/fertilization companies. When landscape issues arise, this often results in finger-pointing between vendors which can be counter-productive. Our full-service HOA landscape maintenance program includes the same pest/fertilization program as part of a comprehensive program to maintain your HOA landscape. In addition to the recurring HOA pest and fertilization service, our landscape maintenance crews are trained to identify issues and report them to the appropriate department.

  • HOA Landscape Installation - Prestige Pro can offer all of the installation services you need including mulch, recurring annual (flowers) installation and any other installation service. It is our philosophy to keep your maintenance costs low allowing you to invest in the improvement of your HOA landscape. The result is higher home values and happier residents!

At Prestige Pro, we understand the needs that HOA landscape committees face. In our years of HOA experience, we have found ways to save communities money with proper maintenance (done right the first time…) and creative solutions to expensive problems. Call us today to see how Prestige Pro can give your HOA community the landscape it needs at a price they can afford!

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