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Sprinklers, Irrigation and Drainage

Sprinklers, Irrigation and Drainage

Irrigation is the cornerstone of any successful landscape program. Historically, the cornerstone was the first block to be laid in a masonry building. The direction and location of this stone were critical to ensure that the entire structure was true. Likewise, a properly functioning irrigation system is critical to the proper growth and development of a landscape. Here at Prestige Pro, we understand the importance of this often neglected system and have specialists to address your irrigation needs. These specialists are trained to understand the mechanics and functionality of your irrigation system and are fully aware of how these functions impact the varying needs of your landscape. Sometimes irrigation issues are easy to identify:

Sprinklers, Irrigation and Drainage
  • Broken sprinklers: A geyser of water shooting up into the air from a broken sprinkler is usually pretty easy to see! Prestige Pro irrigation specialists can take care of that.

  • Broken pipes: Do you have a flooded area in your turf or soft spots on the ground? Prestige Pro irrigation specialists can take care of that.

  • Concrete Watering: Roadways, driveways and sidewalks do not need to be watered. Prestige Pro irrigation specialists can take care of that.

Some issues, though, are not so easily identified:

  • Dry spots in your lawn: This is likely a result of a poor coverage issue. Running your irrigation longer is not the solution because it causes…

  • Weeds in your turf and plants: Weeds are often addressed as a fertilization issue. Typically, weeds are the result of over-watering and are a direct result of irrigation coverage issues

  • Irrigation Association Member Matching watering needs to plant types: Turf areas and plant material have a wide variety of irrigation needs. Some need constant moisture to survive while others prefer dry, sandy conditions. Some plants thrive on a rain-like shower of irrigation while others prefer a direct drip to the root systems. The Pro’s at Prestige Pro know their plants and know what watering method is appropriate for their long term success.

  • Leaky seals and clogged nozzles: Irrigation systems are full of moving parts and they spend their lives in and on the ground. As a result, the pieces and parts wear out. Sprinkler seals will begin leaking resulting in loss of pressure (reducing coverage) and wasted water. Dirt will get clogged in the spray nozzles. In addition, underground plumbing can become weak and brittle.

Prestige Pro irrigation specialists can take care of all your irrigation needs! Our friendly staff can educate you on the workings of your system and provide all of the services you will need to keep the electrical and plumbing components of your residential, commercial or HOA irrigation system in top working order. Call Prestige Pro for a comprehensive irrigation inspection today!

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