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Mount Dora Landscape

Mount Dora Landscape

Who is Prestige Pro Lawn Services? Prestige Pro was founded in 2005 by Todd Stump with the idea of doing landscape work the way it should be done. After partnering with Daemon Fields in 2007, Prestige Pro quickly decided that the Mount Dora area was the place to call home. With its rolling hills and fascinating history, Mount Dora offered the perfect mix of classic architecture and new construction which fit perfectly with Todd’s style of traditional Florida landscaping. Starting with a small shop in Mount Dora, Prestige Pro developed the processes which have served local Mount Dora landscape clients and many others in the Central Florida area. They began by educating their Mount Dora neighbors about the fundamentals of a successful landscape system. This did not involve flashy plants or exciting landscape demonstrations. It involves the basics of understanding the Mount Dora and Central Florida climate and the critical role played by a properly installed and maintained irrigation system. It involves selecting native plants and other varieties which are specifically suited to a Central Florida landscape. It involves an understanding of how spacing and location can mean the difference between success and something less. Designing, installing and maintaining a Mount Dora landscape begins with the fundamentals.


Prestige Pro believes that a successful Mount Dora landscape starts and stops with a successful irrigation program. Irrigation is often the most neglected function of any landscape process. Irrigation is not fun, it is not exciting and it is certainly not pretty to look at! It is much more “fun” to run out and spend a landscape budget on plants and features for your Mount Dora landscape. Fortunately, Prestige Pro has dedicated irrigation specialists who do feel that irrigation is fun, exciting AND pretty to look at! They have spent years educating their Mount Dora neighbors about the benefits of proper irrigation. The result has been a huge success for the Mount Dora landscapes that Prestige Pro works with. It has allowed these clients to spend less money on repairs and replacing and more on improvements and upgrades. This is a true win-win!

Plant Selection

Central Florida has a unique climate and Mount Dora landscapes must be very selective in which plants are chosen. Temperatures can swing from the teens in the winter to near 100 in the summer. Rainfall can change from completely a dry month to a month with daily rains. These types of conditions put a considerable strain on plant material and on Mount Dora landscapes as a whole. There are many great options of plants and trees that provide a variety of color while surviving the dramatic weather changes that a Mount Dora landscape is subject to.

Mount Dora Landscape

Plant Location

In addition to plant selection and a solid irrigation foundation, a Mount Dora landscape requires that the location of all plant material is carefully selected. This is a balancing act of design and necessity the pros at Prestige Pro have been helping Mount Dora with for years. This balancing act goes beyond the basic full sun or shade variety of plants. A Mount Dora landscape has many other considerations such as proper spacing, size considerations for maturing plant material and other aspects such as elevations and traffic.

As local residents, the owners of Prestige Pro Lawn Services take a special interest in their Mount Dora landscapes. This interest extends to all aspects of the business’s professional and civic responsibilities. As members of the local community, Prestige Pro appreciates the beauty of Mount Dora and all that it has to offer. They participate in the local Chamber of Commerce and have donated their time and expertise to local organizations such as the Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club. As the company continues to grow, the connection with Mount Dora landscapes will always be strong. Prestige Pro is expanding into the surrounding areas and much of Central Florida, but Mount Dora will always be home.

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